The Shirt

The search is over, everyone– I found the most versatile shirt of all time. Big shout out (and an “I love you”) to Zara for gracing us with this bad boy that can be worn three different ways. Due to time (and personal issues with how I think I look in oversized shirts) I didn’t snatch a pic with it being worn the standard button up way, but you get the idea. To pay my respects to Zara, I paired the shirt with different Zara pants.

Off the shoulders:

look2Top: Zara     Pants: Zara     Shoes: H&M


Tank Top:



IMG_8407 (1)Top: Zara     Pants: Zara     Shoes: Forever21


Tank Top with T-Shirt:

IMG_8487  img_8550.jpgTop: Zara      Pants: Zara     Earrings: H&M     Shoes: Target

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