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The greatest decision I’ve ever made was taking a 2 week trip to Europe with my 3 best friends. We were 25 at the time, and life was getting real. Marriage, careers, babies – all at an arms reach.  One big last hoorah before life’s responsibilities swallowed us whole, we told each other, in hopes to convince ourselves this was a logical and necessary trip.

We aren’t some random Instagram bitches who somehow travel the world, God knows how financially. We planned in advance, and we planned smart.  That’s the only way to make it happen when you’re 20 something and not advertising Skinny Tea, or whatever the fuck that is, on Instagram.

We drank too much, met cute foreign boys who showed us around little Italian towns on mopeds, ate a worrisome amount of carbs, drank some more, laughed until we couldn’t breathe, and saw incredible views and cities.

Our first stop was London. My best friend Malin lives there so we were able to save money by staying with her. My best advice is to stay with someone while you travel if possible. When traveling to Costa Rica for a month, Malin and I once found a normal looking Costa Rican family on Facebook and asked if we could pay them to stay with them. Apparently we meant nothing to our parents, because they had no problem with their two college daughters moving in with strangers for the month. Thankfully they weren’t serial killers- they were pretty incredible actually. While I’m not advising anyone to do anything potentially dangerous like that, asking even a friend of a friend who knows someone who lives where you’re traveling is not a bad idea when saving money. Plus, they can recommend all the greatest local spots!


Our next stop was Paris, France. We rented an Airbnb which is really the only way to do it on a budget. But even if you were to take money out of the equation, and I would still choose an Airbnb. You get an authenticity you can’t get in a hotel, and get to submerge yourself into the neighborhoods you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.



Positano, Italy was next on the itinerary. We had a driver pick us up from the Naples airport and bring us to THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH. Remember those Mary-Kate and Ashley movies where they would go on vacation and meet the cutest foreign boys and basically stomp around the city as if they owned the place? That’s how Positano was for us. The food was incredible, the views were incredible, the guys were incredible, the wine was incredible…. it was all INCREDIBLE.  We had a harder time finding an Airbnb for Positano. The hotels there are breathtaking, so if you’re going to splurge somewhere, here would be the place. We did manage to find a beautiful spot on I would recommend checking that site out too.
Positano tips:
– DO bring comfortable shoes. You are going to walk up and down stairs A LOT.
– DON’T you dare feel guilty about eating pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We still talk about he meals we had there.
– DO take a boat out with a guide, get drunk, and jump in the ocean
– DON’T drown while doing so – so maybe don’t get too drunk
– DO go out at night. It’s a fun scene.


From Positano we flew to Ibiza, Spain. We heard amazing things about the island, so we had to add it to our list. The nightlife and beaches are hot spots among celebrities and socialites. Unfortunately we are neither, and were running low on Benjamins so we could only give Ibiza 50% of ourselves. If you plan to go to Ibiza, bring adderall and money.

We finished our trip in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a great city to visit, minus the fact that they have ketchup chips. One restaurant I highly recommend is this quaint and welcoming little spot called Cachitos in the Eixample neighborhood. Only one woman was working, who took our order, and cooked our food in a ridiculously timely manner.


If this doesn’t convince you to budget and plan a friendmoon with your best friends, then we did a really shitty job capturing just how once in a lifetime this trip really was. If you have any questions about our trip, or want any advice, feel free to reach out to me!

Follow along more pictures of my adventures on instagram: @brinstagramm

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