Jordie and Zach

engagement, Love, Weddings

Jordie and Zach met at St. Thomas (go Tommies!) and are about to call NYC their new home. Their wedding will be in Minnesota, so they thought it would be a fun idea to shoot their engagement session where they are starting their new chapter in life.

That’s where I was lucky enough to come in. Jordie and Zach were down with any of my ideas, and managed to look incredible in the freezing cold and falling snow. What troopers!


IMG_9804.2IMG_9815.2IMG_9819.2IMG_9821.2IMG_9839.2IMG_9852.2IMG_9873.2IMG_9883.2IMG_9951.2IMG_9952.2IMG_0006.2-2IMG_0003.2IMG_9940.2IMG_9938.2IMG_9968.3 copyIMG_0001.2IMG_0006.2IMG_0009.2IMG_9975.2IMG_0035.2IMG_0028.2IMG_0052.2

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